When Rina Palma began sketching designs at a young age for fun, she was encouraged to continue exploring her creativity. Her dreams of becoming a fashion designer began at a young age, and Rina Palma never believed her dreams seemed unreasonable or unachievable for herself. She dreamt of her own clothing line after she discovered her talent in creative fashion designs and style.

Rina Palma attended Woodbury University in Burbank, California as a fashion design major. During her college education, she was able to travel to Europe, where she was deeply influenced by their fashion, art and architecture. Rina Palma began assisting at various events, such as charity events and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which ultimately inspired and motivated her to work towards her dreams.

In 2006, Rina Palma's work was featured in Woodbury University's Annual Gala Fashion Show for 2006 as a result of receiving the Travilla Scholarship. This scholarship gave her the once in a lifetime opportunity to emulate the infamous orginal Marilyn Monroe white dress from the movie "Seven Year Itch". The following year, Rina Palma's collection, Parallel Universe, was featured in Woodbury University's Gala Fashion Show for 2007. Rina Palma was then recognized for her elegant and outstanding collection in the magazine, Verdugo Monthly that same year. Rina Palma graduated from Woodbury University in 2007 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts.

On October 24th 2010, Rina Palma debuted her Spring 2010 collection "In Motion" in Project Ethos XI for Los Angeles Fashion Week. A few months later Rina Palma was approached to be a part of Filipino TV network GMA's Celebrate Life Event to showcase her line of dresses.

Today, Rina Palma is known for her timeless designs, custom made garments, and jewelry for her private clients.

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